has this been done yet or

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I heard you.

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Show me the sight you always stare at. 

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what if you were holding a puppy and being like “aw whos the cutest wittle puppy in the whole wide world?” it responded in a grown mans voice just like “i am the cutest puppy in the whole wide world”


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do you ever wanna talk about a thing but you know you already talk about it too much and your friends are sick of hearing about it so instead you just hold it all inside you and constantly feel like you’re gonna burst?


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"Sherlock won’t return until 2016!"image

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seriously considering filling my pockets with glitter and whenever someone near me says something really stupid or rude i’ll just reach into my pocket with a dead expression and release the glitter into the sky above their head and watch it shower over them like a baptism of stupid

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Shaving Sousuke

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  • House phone: *rings*
  • Me: nah

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Annyeong, you can call me Sudd. I'm 19, INFJ, genderfluid, polysexual, brazilian, writer, artist and a fujoshi fangirl. Sorry, not sorry.

Here you'll find lots of anime and Kpop stuff, also other series i like. Some days I post yaoi, some days I post really hard yaoi, ㅋㅋㅋ just wait for it..

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